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Oroton to offer circular wardrobe service online, with AirRobe

Luxury fashion company Oroton Group has announced a new partnership with digital circular wardrobe brand AirRobe from this month.

In a bid to enhance its circular commitment, Oroton has incorporated AirRobe’s innovation by allowing customers to resell, rent, recycle or donate their purchases. For items that are listed as resale or rent, customers will be provided with a resale quote at the time of sale in order to chart the item’s future value in the circular economy.

Oroton CEO, Jennifer Child said the company wants to create a timeless collection that is available from one season to the next.

“Being timeless for us isn’t just about the quality of our products, being timeless is also about creating memories and experiences we share with our customers.

“Today, that vision takes on a new life with our AirRobe partnership, where our loved pieces can be shared and re-used between friends, families and communities.”

Hannon Comazzetto, founder and CEO of AirRobe added that it is inspiring to see ‘leaders’ in the fashion ecosystem take the lead by driving the industry to a circular one.

“With AirRobe, we help brands enter the circular economy by making it easy for their garments to live on,” she added.

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