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Online platform Mindful Merch offering ‘easy access’ to sustainability

Mindful Merch is a socially conscious, online brand that invites newspaper journalists and bloggers around the world to join them in spreading the message of mindfully made merchandise.

The inspiration behind Mindful Merch came from the passion of its two co-founders – Janelle Rawlins and Nicki Edmiston – for helping brands and businesses make mindful choices when purchasing apparel and merchandise.

“With over 12 years in the fashion industry, we’ve seen a significant shift towards sustainability, and we firmly believe that sustainability and ethics go hand in hand,” Rawlins says.

The duo’s mission is to offer a platform where businesses can customise garments with their branding and designs, all the while knowing that the products they choose are not only sustainable but also ethically produced. “It’s all about empowering brands to make a positive impact and contribute to a more conscious and responsible fashion industry,” Rawlins avers.

“After over a decade in fashion, we realised there was a huge need for blank apparel that’s made to last and not shrink after one wash” Edmiston adds. “Most merch companies’ products are all cheaply made using synthetic fibres. We need to be able to market companies sustainably and promote using quality products that customers will actually respect and use. Gone are the days of cheap merchandise for cheap promotion.”

The business recently undertook a ‘soft launch’ online to give customers an opportunity to get a sneek peak at what’s in store, explore Mindful Merch’s upcoming products, get insights into their pricing, learn about their story and set up a wholesale account.

“When you choose our products, you’re supporting a more ethical and eco-friendly fashion industry.”

The ethical and sustainable apparel brand’s signature range is its OneNess Collection, which features a range of thoughtfully crafted blank garments mindfully made from combed cotton, organic cotton, deadstock and hemp, reflecting the Noosa-based entrepreneurs’ commitment to unity.

“Our hero products will be our T-shirts [for which] we have perfected the design and fit over the past year for women, men, kids and also a unisex style, meaning brands don’t need to purchase huge amounts in a few styles they can focus on the one style to get started,” Rawlins explains. “We also just soft launched our Undyed French Terry Collection, which showcases the natural raw cotton.

For Rawlins and Edmiston, going down the e-commerce route was a no-brainer. “We wanted to reach a global audience and provide easy access to our sustainable products,” Rawlins says. “It also allows us to manage our supply chain efficiently and reduce our carbon footprint. We do, however, have a shop front at our HQ in Noosa that allows local businesses to pop in and check out our ranges, as well as place custom orders.

The brand’s products are not just about fashion – they embody a deeper purpose that goes beyond serving its customers. “When you choose our products, you’re supporting a more ethical and eco-friendly fashion industry,” Janelle explains. “We prioritise using sustainable and organic materials, such as [Global Organic Textile Standard] GOTS-certified cotton and hemp. By doing so, we directly contribute to the well-being of farmers and promote environmentally friendly farming practices.”

Mindful Merch has teams making its garments in Bangladesh and Vietnam, and the pair them as family. “We visit them regularly and love sharing their story with our Instagram followers,” Rawlins says. “Without them, we would not exist. We will continue to promote the importance of fair trade and continue to pay every single person who works with us a sustainable living wage.”

Rawlins and Edmiston envision Mindful Merch continuing to grow and expand in the next couple of years. “Our goal is to be a leader in ethical and sustainable apparel, offering more diverse and innovative products that cater to all brands and individuals,” Rawlins enthuses. “We’ll keep championing transparency, eco-consciousness, and fair labour practices, while empowering others to join us on this mindful journey.”

This story was originally published on Inside Small Business.

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