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New marketplace Find-A-Cook offers ready-made restaurant meals

Cookaborough, the e-commerce platform, has launched a marketplace called Find-A-Cook, which provides ready-to-eat meal options to householders, connecting restaurants with consumers.

The launch marks a transformation of Cookaborough into a B2B service that offers solutions for food enterprises. 

Cookaborough says the local-focused platform Find-A-Cook will allow time-poor consumers to find and connect with their cooks. This aims to increase the network between chefs, food businesses, and consumers, as well as give individuals who struggle with the weekly dinner conundrum a lot more food options.

“Busy households are shifting from ‘what’s for dinner tonight?’ to ‘what’s for dinner next week?’ and are looking for better ways to solve the ‘dinner dilemma’,” said co-founder Nick Lewis. 

“They don’t want to be thinking about it at 6pm every night. With this in mind, our ‘Find-A-Cook’ marketplace makes it easy for households across Australia to find quality wholesome meals made by local food businesses.” 

Cookaborough collaborates with local chefs and food stores to increase their client base, cut down on waste, and free up time for administrative tasks.

The business claims that its platform will handle all administrative responsibilities associated with collecting orders, complying with food labelling, menu planning, customer administration, and delivery routing. Cooks will have more time to focus on their customer interactions and offer delicious ready-made meals. 

“We see high levels of customer loyalty and repeat purchasing as a direct result of receiving a weekly menu from their chosen local food businesses. Ordering becomes a habit and part of a regular, consistent routine,” Lewis emphasises.

Founded in 2019, Cookaborough is an Australia-wide platform that assists local food businesses in starting, running, and growing their ready-made meal enterprises by handling time-consuming bureaucracy and reducing the various operational obstacles.

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