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Just browsing: New Google ad features for retailers

Google has launched Showcase Shopping ads for retailers to cash in on shoppers’ tendency to browse for random products via their mobiles.

The new ads allow retailers to display a collection of product images in Google search when shoppers key in generic search terms.

The company explained that more than 40 per cent of shopping related searches on Google are for broad terms like “women’s athletic clothing” or “living room furniture.” For these less defined searches, Google currently displays specific product ads which may not be relevant to the shopper.

The Showcase Shoppings ads expose viewers to a wider range of products in search. For example, if a shopper searches “summer dresses,” ASOS can now showcase its collection of dresses.

All merchants running Google Shopping Campaigns in the US, UK, and Australia will be eligible to have their products automatically appear in Showcase ads in the coming weeks.

Google is currently testing a tool to perform currency conversions in Australia, Switzerland, Canada, and the UK, which allows retailers to convert the currency in product data. Google argues the conversion makes retailers’ ads more understandable to users in other countries, while allowing merchants to continue using their existing website and landing pages without change.

Currency conversions

For example, a person shopping in the UK can see products sold by a US retailer, listed in British pounds. Google will roll out currency conversions more broadly over the coming weeks.

Google has released the Shopping Micro-Moments Guide to provide more insights for marketers to capitalise on mobile shopping.

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