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Nappy Box succeeds with affordable and sustainable cloth nappies

Nappy Box Co, now in its third year of business, has achieved considerable success by offering customers with cost-efficient and eco-friendly products.

The company founder Margaret O’Shea came up with the idea of Nappy Box in 2019, when she was pregnant and seeking a low-cost and more sustainable alternative to existing nappy products at the time.

She founded the business with her husband a few months later with the aim to provide parents with cost-effective cloth nappies and minimise single-use nappies and wipes.

Nappy Box Co started its journey stocking international brand Alvababy to build a customer base and brand familiarity.

“Simultaneously, we were developing our own brand of nappies, Lulu & Finn, with a goal to make cloth nappies affordable, gimmick-free, and straightforward,” said O’Shea.

“We then launched the Colmena range, partnering with ABC to print children’s TV show characters like Play School and Bananas in Pyjamas onto our nappies.”

The company landed on marketplace platform Catch in late 2020 and is now proud of its success in converting many Aussies from disposable to cloth nappies as well as the positive impact it has on families and the environment.

With data surrounding one cloth nappy substituting 1000 disposables, O’Shea estimated that her business has helped save 40 million nappies from ending up in landfill. 

“While many initially fear the cloth nappy, our sales are showing there’s increasing curiosity and demand for these products.”

Nappy Box Co currently has an entire warehouse of stock and their best-selling Lulu & Finn range has more than 300 prints to choose from.

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