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Naked Wines plays matchmaker

Workers in Naked Wines’ three Australian warehouses are busily picking and packing as shoppers get their Christmas orders in.

In the busy season one marketing campaign stands out, Naked’s matchmaking experiment between a segment of its ‘Angels’ and one of its popular winemakers.

Winemaker Daryl Groom, former senior red and white winemaker for Penfold’s Grange, signed up with Naked Wines in 2013 and over the past two years all his wines have been highly rated, and have sold out quickly.

For Christmas, Naked decided to handpick customers who they knew liked big reds, and offered them a six-pack of 2014 vintage red wines made by Groom for $137.94 (Shiraz) and $107.94 (Zinfadel Shiraz).

The result was a record breaking campaign, with the Groom 2014 vintage selling out in two days flat.

“This campaign highlights the best of Naked Wines – brilliant winemakers given the freedom to make the wine that they want to make,” said Greg Banbury, marketing director. 

“Loyal customers who love big reds, and have been waiting patiently for the 2014 Groom vintage. With a bit of tech magic, we brought the two together and the result was a match made in wine heaven, guaranteeing a Merry Christmas for those who got in quickly.” 

That “tech magic” included advanced market segmentation (purchase history, reviews etc.) mixed with a measure of customers’ emotional state ie, have they had any delivery issues or unpleasant experiences?

Currently, Naked Wines, is calling on its existing customers (and appealing to their evangelical nature) to help with a little growth hacking. The retailer is offering angels discounts for customer referrals in an effort to bolster its numbers. At the start of the campaign, which kicked off this week, Naked had around 45,000 Angels in Australia. 

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