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My Foodie Box calls out WA’s high gender pay gap in major campaign

Food kit delivery service, My Foodie Box, has launched a major campaign on International Women’s Day to call out the 21.9 per cent gender pay gap in Western Australia. 

To highlight the gender pay inequality, the online retailer will be offering a “disappointing discount” of 21.9 per cent off all products for 80 days – the average amount of extra time a woman must work to earn the same as a man.

One of the billboards.

The campaign will include print ads, display ads, social posts, street furniture and digital panels, a floor decal at Perth train station, and digital tower activation at Yagan Square. These are designed to highlight and get people talking about this major societal issue.

The company, co-founded and led by entrepreneur Mai Hughes, shared that she has always believed in the important role men and women play in the success of its business and strongly believes in workforce equality.

“We have launched this campaign to bring to people’s attention the 21.9 per cent gender pay gap in WA, one of the largest in the country because it is an alarming number and more needs to be done to fix it,” said Hughes. 

“While the pay gap is a significant issue that needs to be addressed, we also believe businesses need to do more to ensure all employees can work in a productive and supported way, by recognising and assisting them in managing family commitments and in particular mothers returning to work.”

The company comprises a 66 per cent female leadership team and has a range of family-friendly initiatives, including an onsite child care centre with multilingual nannies, flexible working hours, and work-from-home support.

“My Foodie Box was created to decrease the mental load associated with cooking, namely the meal planning and shopping for ingredients, so it is important for us to lead by example and support our staff and their families in practical ways,” she added.

Profits from the “disappointing discount” campaign will be donated to the Australian Gender Equality Alliance.

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