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MissFresh launches concierge experience for high-end customers

Chinese grocery retailer, MissFresh, has completed the first phase of its personalised concierge experience for high-value customers dubbed ‘Missfresh 1V1 Advisor’. 

The program provides customers one-on-one communication via WeCom developed by Tencent’s WeChat team throughout the entire shopping process, including personalised product recommendations, Q&A on product usage, and following up on customers’ feedback. 

Launched in last year’s third quarter, Missfresh 1V1 Advisor helped increase the average number of orders per customer by 70 per cent, the company reported. In addition, the average monthly revenue per effective user was doubled under the program. 

“Missfresh’s 1V1 Advisor is a lifestyle consultant who uncovers customers’ unexpressed needs and solves any issues that might come up during the shopping experience,” said Lei Zhou, head of MissFresh’s private domain operations. 

“The advisor program not only elevates users’ shopping experience but also increases their shopping frequency and average revenue per customer, ultimately maximising customer lifetime value.”

The company estimated that about 30 per cent of its users will join the program by the middle of this year. 

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