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MedTech start-up Myleaf launches alternative medicine telehealth services

Myleaf, a company that is in the forefront in providing safe and accessible alternative medicines, has launched a range of online and telehealth services providing Australians with safe, hassle-free access to licensed prescribers, specialist doctors, pharmacists and care coordinators in the alternative medicine field.

The Myleaf platform also offers digital prescriptions, personalised healthcare solutions and ongoing monitoring, regardless of where the patients are calling from, as well as next-day appointments, personalised treatment plans and streamlined prescription and dispensing with access to city-based specialist care.

In developing the platform, Myleaf says it is working in accordance to TGA guidance and is consulting with patients with a range of medical conditions.

“Myleaf was launched to reduce the friction patients may have when it comes to accessing alternative medicines, ensuring they are not just proactive in managing their health, but that they’re equipped with the knowledge and advice from a medical team of specialists in alternative therapies,” Craig Hayter, Myleaf co-founder, said. “An important aspect of Myleaf is our commitment to providing ongoing patient care and support beyond the initial prescription phase.

“Myleaf tracks patient progress, adjusts treatment plans as needed, and supports individuals throughout their journey toward improved wellbeing via an advanced online portal and mandatory follow-up consultations,” Hayter added. “Overall, we provide a fast, friendly gold-standard service to our clients.”

Since their legalisation in 2016, alternative medicines have been linked to help benefit an array of medical conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and migraines. The Myleaf platform aims to seamlessly improve lives with a simple four-step prescription process from eligibility test and initial consultation to prescription and dispensing to delivery to providing a personalised patient portal.

“Slowly but surely, public perception of alternative medicine has improved as a growing number of advocates who have first-hand experience with the benefits of alternative medicine,” Doctor Matt Gartrell, a Myleaf licensed prescriber, said. “The evidence around the efficacy of alternative medicine in certain health conditions has continued to evolve, with rapidly increasing global numbers of randomised controlled trials and preclinical research. Myleaf’s products are of a high standard, pharmaceutical grade medicines, grown and produced under medical conditions in order to deliver a safe, ethical and industry-leading pathway to long term health and vitality that is in line with the TGA guidelines.”

This story was originally published on Inside Small Business.

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