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Kogan, General Pants top the list of most mobile ready brands

Australian e-commerce startup Kogan has been named the most mobile ready Australian brand in a new mobile readiness index from mobile marketing and technology agency Ansible.

Ansible, together with market research agency YouGov and Google Tools, released the inagural MDEX today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The index evaluated over 2000 brands from 15 major markets around the world and ranked their performance in five areas: mobile optimisation, discoverability, navigation and content, utility and usability and driving desired actions.

The top 10 most mobile ready brands in Australia are:

  1. Kogan
  2. McGrath Property
  3. General Pants Co
  4. The Iconic
  5. Lion Corporation
  6. David Jones
  7. Ten Networks
  8. Nine Entertainment
  9. Myer
  10. Billabong

The framework for the index was built and developed over a six-month period, beginning in July 2016. Field studies occurred in January 2017. Both global and market-specific brands were surveyed in 15 major markets, including Argentina, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom and Uruguay.

Global brands were defined by large, multinationals that had at least some presence in multiple key markets. Market-specific brands were smaller brands that may only be present in a single market.

The top 10 most mobile ready global brands are:

1. Facebook
2. Amazon
3. 7-Eleven
4. Hyundai
5. Microsoft
6. Nike
7. Google
8. Adidas
9. OLX
10. Target

The MDEX ranking is based on both qualitative and quantitative measures. Measurements include:

  • Google search rankings
  • Google mobile site and app design principles
  • Google mobile page insights and friendliness score
  • results
  • Consumer usability survey, executed in partnership with YouGov and Mediabrands Insights
  • Ansible mobile site content analysis, based on three categories; persuasion, teachability, and ability to captivate users
  • Ansible insights and analysis, consisting of product, data and research analysts, who collaborated on survey development and execution framework, along with data aggregation and analysis
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