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Klika jumps on personalisation trend with trampoline site

Recent years have seen a rise in design-your-own retailers like Mon Purse, which lets customers design their own handbags, Shoes of Prey, which lets customers design their own footwear, and Institchu, which lets customers design their suits.

But the personalisation trend has perhaps reached new heights, with the launch of, a new website from Klika Group that allows customers to personalise their own trampoline.

Klika, an online-only retailer, has been selling its range of Kahuna trampolines in Australia for years. Now it allows customers to select different sizes and shapes, mat designs, pad colours and accessory choices using a 3D tool.

The finished product is dispatched nationwide within 24 hours, or available for 2-hour click-and-collect from Klika’s Melbourne retail outlet.

The service is intended to create a more engaging experience for customers.

“We are always looking at innovative and fresh ways to keep our customers engaged and excited about shopping with us. Our Kahunaplay website does exactly that, as it helps parents stimulate their children’s creativity and together as a family design their unique trampoline,” Klika director of commercial operations Leo Zaitsev said.

“With advances in technology, customisation is becoming a paramount marketing tool for online shoppers and I believe we are at forefront of it with the launch of this new platform.”

Klika offers in excess of 800 trampoline options through the microsite and plans to increase its range before Christmas.

“Taste and functionality is a subjective thing. We shouldn’t be dictating to customers what the end product should look like. It’s all about giving consumers a canvas and power to create what they
want,” Zaitsev said.

Zaitsev, a father of two, said the company made no compromises when it comes to safety.

“The exceptional aesthetics of our trampolines is one thing and we will continue to expand our designs, but we place an even greater emphasis on the durability and safety of the product. When it comes to children, there are no shortcuts.”

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