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Kiwi teen launches t-shirt startup with NFT twist

A 16-year-old Kiwi, Eli Conroy, has launched NFTees, a t-shirt startup with an NFT twist. 

Each t-shirt features a celebrity-created digital piece of art, and with each purchase, customers receive a non-fungible token (NFT). Half of the profits go to the celebrity’s chosen charity.

Conroy grew up with a different perspective on life to his peers: his mother has a genetic mutation that distinguishes neuroendocrine cancer. The concept of NFTees arose from a desire to develop a product-based business while also capitalising on the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“I wanted to do a physical product,” Conroy said. “T-shirts are easy to print, and they’re visible, not like socks and underwear.”

Basketball player Tom Abercrombie

Basketballer and Heart Kids NZ advocate Tom Abercrombie was the first artist Conroy persuaded to join. Abercrombie, the Breakers’ all-time greatest scorer with almost 3500 points, has a young daughter with a cardiac issue that necessitates the use of a pacemaker. Heart Kids NZ reports the basketball player has spent the last two years as an ambassador giving back to the organisation that has helped his family on their cardiac journey.

Ruth Gorinski, CEO of Heart Kids NZ, said Conroy’s contribution will enhance the organisation’s efforts to assist families through their most difficult times.

“Eli’s entrepreneurial initiative demonstrates a committed heart to our charity and absolutely exemplifies our Heart Kids values. We are so grateful to Eli for his selfless support,” he said. 

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