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Jurlique completes three-year digital transformation

South Australian skincare brand Jurlique has relaunched its global website, powered by AI, underpinned by data and driven by a focus on the customer.

The result of a three-year digital transformation, the relaunched site is now live across Australia, the US, Hong Kong, the UK and Europe.

Jurlique now offers customers a highly personalised experience with product and content recommendations, samples and gifts, VIP offers, gift-wrapping and a seamless checkout experience, as well as additional payment options, such as WeChat and AliPay.

“It’s important that our customers enjoy the same level of personalised service and value no matter the touchpoint, region, channel or device that they’re using to engage with Jurlique,” Fiona Moylan, Jurlique’s global director of digital, data and e-commerce, said.

According to Moylan, a major focus of the transformation was on offering customers a shopping experience that was engaging, relevant and personalised.

Prior to Jurlique’s digital transformation, the platform was missing some key fundamentals, such as analytics, SEO and standard e-commerce processes. Other service features were also lacking, such as the ability to swiftly deliver product in sustainable packaging that was aligned to the brand’s DNA.

“When I started in the role, the digital team spent a disproportionate amount of time fixing technology instead of using technology to drive growth – in short, this meant the team were constantly in reactive mode drowning in technical debt,” Moylan said.

“My first six months in the role was spent hiring the right team and laying a solid technology foundation to enable the e-commerce business to scale, at speed.”

Once the e-commerce sites were stable, the focus was firmly on data and CRM.

“By mid-2017, we had a CDMP providing a 360-degree view of the customer; we were utilising data science to understand our customers, and we were cautiously starting the marketing automation journey,” says Moylan.

Mid-transformation, the new Jurlique site underwent a full UX redesign to align with consumer needs. To truly understand how customers interacted with the former website, extensive consumer testing was undertaken, recorded and presented to the entire business at an annual conference by Moylan.

“Digital transformation can be overwhelming for many, and demonstrating real consumer experiences is incredibly effective. One video of a loyal consumer asking, ‘Why can’t I use my gift cards in store?’ is worth a thousand PowerPoint slides,” she says.

Just a few weeks after the transformation took place, Moylan noticed how much the team’s focus had shifted from technology to commercially led discussions to drive growth.

“I could already hear the conversations and focus change from, ‘Oh my, something’s fallen off the site’ to ‘How are we going to optimise this promotion? How can we change this page?’ And that’s the heartland of digital – that’s the conversation we should be having. We’re not software developers, we’re retailers.”

Messaging Ideas

  • Beautiful digital experience designed to support not overwhelm the brand vision
  • The site is beautifully functional and functionally beautiful
  • We are not a software business we are a skincare business who has used tech to improve the consumer experience
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