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Julie Mathers Masters Home Improvements

MastersWhat do you predict for the future of your business and eCommerce?

Ecommerce will grow but I fully expect that online and offline merge far more and we lose the channel identity and device identity and start talking customer first. Customers already  research and shop cross device and cross channel. Customers will expect delivery when they want it and where they want it, they will expect a competitive price, exceptional customer service and for shopping to be easy and hassle free. Retailers will find

more avenues to sell and the constraints will not be set by the boundaries of the physical store. Having a website is purely a ticket to the match; it’s what you do with that and how you engage your customers that defines your business.

What is the Critical Success Factor in your business?

In an online business it is important to keep focused on the customer. Whether you are a pure play or bricks and mortar retailer you need to maintain a steely focus on customer experience and ensure that what you do benefits the customer. Seek their feedback often and aim to give them the best experience you can. In addition keep your attention on ROI and cost; if you can’t justify the ROI question is what you are doing right.

What is the most beneficial traffic and subscription driver to your site/s? Is it Press/Media, Social Media, SEO PPC, Affiliate?

 Often with channels it depends where you spend your marketing dollars. However I find that email marketing and SEO are crucial to long term customer engagement and loyalty along with being very cost effective and giving you credibility.

What are your biggest eCommerce challenges?

As with most businesses it’s ensuring we get cut-through with all the digital noise out there and combatting increasing costs in the digital space. How do we stand out and how do we ensure customers choose us is always a question we ask ourselves.

What was your best day in eCommerce, what did you sell and how did you drive those sales?

Define best! The best day for me in ecommerce is the first. When you launch a website or business the ‘best’ day is that first order that comes through. It’s treated with the upmost care and attention and you’ll remember that customer’s name for a long time. I always say, ‘treat every customer like you treated that first one and, remember, they choose to shop with you and they have choice’.

Julie will be speaking at the Online Retailer Conference and Expo July 21-23 in Sydney

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