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eCommerce has come a long way and there is so much to read and know about  eCommerce. 

Listed below is a list of interesting eCommerce focussed websites:

Planet Retail’s unparalleled knowledge of global Retail provides retailers, suppliers and investors with critical insights that create competitive advantage.

As the world’s leading retail analyst firm since 1995, Planet Retail provides unrivalled global insight, analysis, news and data covering more than 9,000 retail operations across 211 markets.


The people at imOnline love reading eCommerce blogs, because they love learning as much as they can about all things related to eCommerce. They have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and experience from many of these sites, so they think it’s a fitting tribute to give thanks and list the top 10 eCommerce blogs they can’t live without. We recommend checking them out, if you haven’t already.

The Australian Guidelines for Electronic Commerce seek to enhance further consumer confidence in electronic commerce by providing guidance to businesses on how to deal with consumers when engaged in business to consumer electronic commerce. The guidelines update and replace the Australian E-Commerce Best Practice Model, which was released by the Australian Government in May 2000.

 Social Media News

David Cowling’s News Blog on Social Media in Australia

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