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Indochino launches online in Australia

Canadian custom suit company Indochino launched a local e-commerce offering in Australia last week, offering made-to-measure apparel at prices comparable to off the rack alternatives.

The local website offers duty-free shipping and prices in the local currency, and is the first step towards a larger bricks-and-mortar presence in Australia.

Indochino, which started as an online-only business, now has 43 showrooms across the US and Canada.

“As a former resident of Sydney, I’m thrilled to bring Indochino clothing to Australian shores, as the country and its people hold a special place in my heart,” Drew Green, Indochino’s president and chief executive, said.

“We were the original brand to reinvent how men shop – beginning with made-to-measure suits and now offering a wide assortment of custom clothing – all delivered in an industry leading-two weeks.

“Now, we’re ready to shake up the way Aussie men get dressed, each and every day.”

Indochino’s bricks-and-mortar locations serve as showrooms, showcasing potential product and allowing customers to find the right fit in-store before ordering the custom-fit garments for delivery. Indochino chief revenue officer Peter Housley told DigitalCommerce360 these showrooms account for around 70 per cent of brand revenue.

“After we open a store, sales at first shift from online to offline,” Housely told DigitalCommerce360.

“But by the time the store is a year old, we see our online sales recover and the overall pie within the market grow.”

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