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In general, Aussies are happy to receive deliveries without additional packaging

Around 52 per cent of Australian shoppers said they would be happy to receive items they ordered without additional packaging for environmental reasons, according to a recent survey.

The Amazon-commissioned study showed that pet foods, gardening products, toilet rolls and canned foods are among the items shoppers are happy to receive with just an address label.

Meanwhile, customers would frown upon receiving personal items such as condoms, haemorrhoid cream and bikini wax strips without additional delivery packaging. These items are categorised by Amazon to be shipped discreetly and not part of the e-commerce giant’s reduced packaging programme.

“One way we do this is by working with manufacturers to design packaging that’s capable of shipping safely, without additional paper bags, envelopes or boxes from us,” said Amazon Australia country manager Janet Menzies.

“We’ve already achieved a lot, shipping more than triple the number of orders to customers with no added delivery packaging in Australia since 2021. We are working to ship even more deliveries the same way.”

Amazon said that products it ships without added delivery packaging have passed rigorous drop tests to ensure they are safe from any potential damage.

Amazon customers may choose on the website whether they want to receive eligible items without additional packaging or with additional packaging.

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