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How to make your customers fall in love with your small business on Feb 14

St Valentine’s Day isn’t too far away and with it comes grand gestures of love, roses and chocolates a plenty. Estimates vary on the amount Aussies spend on 14 February, but it’s fair to say, each year it generates tens of millions of dollars for the economy. 

And the spending isn’t just confined to florists, restaurants and gift shops. With some creative thinking, you too, can get your slice of the spending pie. Here are four things to consider when marketing your products.

The audience is different

Although your products might target a particular audience, these aren’t the people who will be looking to buy for themselves on Valentine’s Day. This audience will be hoping they are gifted your product.

Look at who is likely to buy your product as a gift for this audience and create advertising and marketing that speaks to them.

Use emotion

There are different ways that you can attract customers to your brand for Valentine’s Day but the key to remember is that it is an emotive occasion. The term ‘love’ conjures up emotions and it’s important that if you want your campaign to direct people to your brand, then tugging heart strings will be the key.

Emotive posts are also more likely to gain viral traction than those that don’t. Consider posts with the ‘Aww’ factor or those of a humorous nature.

Consider new ways to add to the experience

Thanks to social media platforms and apps, adding fun interactive activities to a customers’ shopping experience is easier than ever, particularly for a small business.

Tik Tok and Reels allows profiles to get creative with their content, live streams allow you to connect in real time and Spotify can build an aural element that can tie directly with your brand’s tone or campaign messaging.

Think about logistics

Just as Christmas spending occurred much earlier than anticipated as people tried to beat delivery delays, it can be predicted that in the current climate the same will occur for St Valentine’s Day.

If delivery plays a significant role in your business process, act as soon as possible to ensure your products arrive in time. Communicate delivery times with your customers to remind them if they want to make their Valentine’s Day, they must buy your product asap.

Seasonal campaigns are great boosters for a business’s bottom line, so spread the love on 14 February and enjoy the benefits both in dollars and the feel-good factor.

This article originally appeared in our sister publication Inside Small Business.  

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