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How much carbon does your banner ad give off?

 Have you ever considered that sending  email emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

I’ll bet that amidst the talk these days of being green, and the environment that users of the internet don’t consider that servers hum away in data centres 24 hours a day, emitting carbon into the atmosphere.

Would you consider that 18.5mg of carbon dioxide  is emitted  per second of client interaction a website ( US data).

and… to get you thinking even more deeply how about these statistics:

  • Paper manufacturers in America consumed 75 Billion Kilowatt hours in 2006
  • Data centres and servers alone in America in 2006 consumed 61 billion Kilowatts of energy  (energy information adminstration data) and growing

Watch this 3 minute video, it’ll get you thinking



 Source: Institute for sustainable development



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