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How Gold Coast company HiSmile became a global sensation on Instagram

Online oral care company HiSmile began its journey on Australia’s Gold Coast back in 2014, and through the power of social media, the brand has built up a global customer base.

Its hero product, the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit, claims to help users achieve at least two shades whiter, bolstered by a 30 day money-back guarantee.

The Aussie business has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, but what is more impressive is its ever expanding global reach.

With celebrities like the Kardashians, Australian model Shontina Rose and UFC fighter TJ Dillashaw among its high profile influencers, the brand is well versed in creating a buzz around its product through social media.

Kylie Jenner alone has 144 million followers (and counting) around the world, so through Kardashian family endorsements alone, the brand has reached a phenomenal global audience.

On a very image focused site, the power of endorsements like these can do wonders for any brand, particularly those in the beauty industry.

Since 2014, the company has built up a global community on Instagram, with users, paid and unpaid, showcasing the products to their following.

Koban Jones, head of growth at HiSmile says the focus has always been on being able to adapt and grow with the market.

“We place a focus on fostering our online community by sharing a combination of user generated content (UGC), providing additional information on our products, or sparking curiosity by posting culturally relevant and on trend content,” Jones told Inside FMCG.

He says that working with influencers is “both challenging and rewarding”.

“The influencer landscape is a constantly evolving space that shifts and changes each and everyday. Working with an influencer community is both challenging and rewarding, and requires a lot of time and effort invested into each and every individual to ensure that they are executing content that is not only authentic and reflective of their personal brand, but aligns with the direction of the HiSmile brand,” Jones said.

“Our influencers are not just one and done relationships like most brands, we place a focus on the long-term success and development of these individuals which is the most fulfilling part of the role of the Influencer and Sponsorships team.”

What also helps the product have great Instagram appeal, is its packaging. The brand has capitalised on the popular “unboxing” trend, with aesthetically pleasing packaging and personal notes that users are excited to share with their followers.

Jones says the packaging has evolved overtime to meet the needs of its audience.

“These days with platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, when a consumer receives a package from an online purchase, they’re inclined to share their purchase with their audience and tag the brands. We want our customers to not only be excited by the purchase of our products, but also be proud of the packaging these products arrive in, as a reflection of the quality product they’ve purchased,” he said.

HiSmile benefits from a direct to consumer approach, offering one-off online sales as well as a subscription service, meaning reduced costs compared with in-store retail.

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