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H&M’s Cos launches reseller platform

H&M’s subsidiary Cos has launched a pre-owned fashion platform called Resell.

Resell allows the brand’s customers to buy and sell their used Cos pieces, “re-inventing their wardrobe in a considered and sustainable way,” according to a statement from H&M.

The launch is part of the brand’s program of developing circular fashion and renewable solution strategies.

“Resell reinforces Cos’ ambition and journey to becoming fully circular and renewable, developing innovative ways to continue the brand’s commitment to quality and longevity by re-imaging the lifecycle of each pre-loved piece,” the company said.

Resell will charge a 10-per-cent commission to cover “operational costs” for every item sold on the platform. The digital platform is now available in the UK and Germany and will go global this Autumn.

“By extending the life cycle of your Cos item, we believe we can work together to make better environmental choices,” the company said.

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