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Hello Lover unveils website for sexual wellness essentials

A new e-commerce platform, Hello Lover, has been launched in New Zealand, selling a curated range of high-quality, body-safe sexual pleasure and wellness essentials. 

Founder Ella McLean identified the need for a sexual wellness marketplace that also serves as a platform for consumers to educate themselves about their sexual self-discovery journey. 

“Our vision with Hello Lover is to be a safe space where people can feel confident in exploring their sexuality, whatever that looks or feels like. We’re here to help navigate sex through open, healthy conversation and a loving community that are learning together,” she said. 

Alongside products, the website also offers tips, how-to’s as well as an educational editorial blog that explores pleasure, including content from history, the arts, films, dating, and sex education aimed at giving people adequate information on how to care for their sexual selves.

The e-commerce platform stocks a broad range of sexual lifestyle products, designed for all genders and sexual preferences. McLean has sourced 200 products from more than 30 brands across the globe for the venture, including Dame, Vush, Fun Factory, We-Vibe, Svakom, and PlusOne. 

McLean is passionate about ‘unpacking taboos’ and stigmas surrounding sex from a cultural, social, educational and explorative point of view. “For too long we have been made to feel embarrassed and ashamed about sex and sexual pleasure through crass, male-centric and machoistic marketing and lack of education,” she added. 

The brand encourages people from all age groups, communities and sexual identities to have an open and honest approach to modern intimacy. 

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