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Grabox converts empty kitchens into delivery hubs

Marketplace platform Grabox has launched Grabox Kitchens, turning “thousands” of underused cooking spaces into delivery kitchens. 

Grabox Kitchens was created as many businesses have large commercial kitchens that are not working to capacity due to lockdowns and social distancing. The platform has been designed to use advanced technology to create virtual ‘delivery-only brands’, which offer meals fulfilled by local businesses using their spare kitchen capacity. 

Grabox Founder Dhruv Kohli

“Grabox Kitchens provides a unique solution for the hospitality sector to reach its full potential in the food-delivery market,” said Dhruv Kohli, founder and head of international growth at Grabox. 

The platform will take advantage of Grabox’s data on regional customer preferences at a hyperlocal, postcode-level to make sure there is a market demand for the partner restaurants to fulfill.

“We built it this way because we want owners to feel confident enough to commit kitchen resources to delivery orders,” said Kohli. “Restaurants gain their popularity by focusing religiously on the quality of their food and on customer experience. There’s a loss of control when needing to extend this same quality of experience through food deliveries.”

Kohli said this model will allow businesses to remain making meals that they have the skills and resources to make, while protecting their hard-earned brand reputation. 

The company said it pays its partner businesses an agreed price for each menu item on offer, thereby guaranteeing them a healthy profit margin from every order received. There are no commissions, no risks and no additional costs for the businesses that opt-in.

“It’s rare you get to see a true win-win in business, but this really is one of them.”

Grabox Kitchens launched its first brand Wattaburrger this month. It aims to launch six additional brands early next year.

Grabox Kitchens is available across Australia and the platform is scheduled to launch in New Zealand, India and the UK next year. 

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