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Google, Amazon among winners in gift card awards

Google, Amazon and PlayStation received recognition for driving innovation in gift card programs, design, and digital innovation in Asia Pacific.

Blackhawk Network recognised Google Korea for leading digital innovation and Amazon Australia for best online experience. Meanwhile, it named PlayStation as card program partner of the year.

Moreover, Blackhawk Network named Super Retail Group as B2B gift card program of the year, Aldi as ESG retailer of the year, Naver Webtoon Korea as card design of the year.

“Across the region, we are witnessing an uptake within the wider gifting and reward market. Cost of living pressures are rife and continue to impact consumer spending habits,” said Peter Malycon, VP for Incentives in Asia Pacific and Commerce in Australia.

“Gifting and reward programs play a big part in nurturing customer loyalty and providing high quality retail experiences, especially as shoppers increasingly turn to digital commerce channels, where touchpoints are less frequent.”

Lawson Japan received recognition for innovation and distribution, while The Consortium Clemenger chairman Bruno Maurel was named the biggest industry contributor.

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