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Good looks key to driving influencer engagement, study finds

Being attractive increases the likelihood that online sellers will increase their customer interaction.

In a recent study, a team from Charles Darwin University (CDU) investigated how the physical attractiveness of sellers who broadcast live broadcasts on the Taobao e-commerce site in China affected consumer engagement. The study was conducted in partnership with universities in China, Vietnam, and France.

The study looked at information gathered from 810 Taobao users. Ninety per cent of respondents were in their 20s to 30s, and 86.7 per cent of respondents claimed to watch live streams for an hour or more every day.

A broadcaster can live stream merchandise and engage with customers in real-time e-commerce through live streaming. On the same platform, viewers can view, comment, and engage in discussion with the broadcaster and other viewers.

“The finding indicates that consumers appreciate the beauty and tend to focus their entire attention and interests on good-looking broadcasters because they are physically attractive and charming,” Nguyen said. 

“The physical attractiveness of broadcasters encourages consumers to devote more time and efforts to watching the live streaming of good-looking broadcasters.”

Nguyen added that the research might be useful for companies operating beyond the live-streaming industry.

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