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Freshippo private label brand to launch in Australia

Alibaba’s retail label Freshippo has debuted at 99 Ranch Market, the largest Chinese supermarket chain in the US, and Yamibuy, North America’s largest online retailer of Asian goods and groceries. 

And its next step in a global rollout is Australia, the company has confirmed.

The launch marks the first time a Chinese-headquartered supermarket has begun large-scale exports of its own-brand products abroad. According to the company, Freshippo’s private-label products, such as Freshippo Daily Fresh, Freshippo Kitchen, and Difresco, have been well-received by customers since its launch in 2017.

Besides the US and Australia, Freshippo also intends to offer private-label products in Singapore, South Korea, and other markets this year.

“We also found that the seasonings sold in Chinese supermarkets in the US and Australia are mostly single-ingredient, whereas Freshippo’s compound seasonings can help Chinese people living overseas more easily prepare complex Chinese dishes.” said Yanni XU, export manager of international business at Freshippo.

“Additionally, Freshippo’s snacks also enhance the variety available in these supermarkets, offering consumers a greater range of flavours.” 

Freshippo, headquartered in Shanghai, operates 300 outlets in 30 cities across Mainland China.

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