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Found by Maverix fashion platform calls for conscious consumption

New Zealand fashion platform, Found by Maverix, has launched with a call for consumer and industry change through its campaign against consumption.

To promote conscious shopping and bring eco-friendly products closer to Kiwi consumers, the platform collaborates with innovative sustainable designers, including Beach Brains, Flamingo Life, Petites Reveries, Simon Miller, and Stepney Workers Club. 

“Fast fashion and overconsumption are choking our planet,” says Ellie Richards, co-founder of Found by Maverix. “The best thing we can do to combat this is to continue to wear what’s already in our wardrobes. We support every garment as a lifetime item.” 

The brand was founded by Richards and Madi Rouse, who shared the same desire for change. Both searched for a fashion platform that promoted ‘slow fashion’ and demanded greater transparency behind garments. According to the pair, over one in four women shop for clothes at least once a week. 

“We were shocked by that statistic, we know there’s a disconnect as a buyer but shopping should be more than ordering an item online and it arriving at your doorstep,” says Madi Rouse.

“We don’t have an understanding of how our garments are made, we need production and supply chain transparency but frankly it’s hard to find this.

“We saw a need for a fashion destination to do this work for customers, a place that shoppers knew shared their same values and ethos, stocking pieces by designers that were working towards industry change.”

With a tagline ‘Live fast, Shop slow’, Found by Maverix features pieces that are ‘made to last’ and ‘seasonless’, choosing items that can work well with any existing wardrobe.

“We’re embracing slower production schedules, small-batch collections and zero waste designs, with the intention of reducing textile waste,” says Richards. 

“We want to create a community of like-minded individuals who are living fast and shopping slow. We want people to feel empowered to choose what makes them and the planet feel good,” adds Rouse.

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