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For Australian fashion retailers, omnichannel marketing is a top priority

Omnichannel marketing is gaining traction with marketers looking to enhance customer experiences. Omnichannel marketing drives consumers to buy, regardless of which device they’re using or whether they’re in a physical store.

In an ever-connected world, customers expect to be able to browse, find, and buy whatever they want, wherever they want. 

Poor UX or unclear messaging can discourage them from buying from you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much. Harris Interactive shows that 89 per cent of consumers switched to a competitor after a poor customer experience. 

To meet the demands of today’s cross-channel shoppers, retailers worldwide are turning to omnichannel marketing. Let’s explore why. 

What is omnichannel marketing?

Omnichannel marketing integrates digital and in-store experiences seamlessly. As a result, communication across channels is frictionless and consistent. An Instagram ad, for instance, is perfectly aligned with the message you share in an email, a web push notification, and your in-store promotional signage. 

Here’s an example of an omnichannel customer experience:

  1. Customer signs up to your newsletter and opts into receiving SMS messages. 
  2. You send them a welcome message and first-time discount via SMS and a follow-up email.
  3. Customer comes back to your site, browses, and signs up for push notifications but doesn’t buy.
  4. Customer clicks on your retargeting ad and comes back to your site, adds products to their cart, but doesn’t check out. 
  5. Customer gets an abandoned cart message via email and goes to their cart and buys.
  6. Customer receives their shipping confirmation and order updates via SMS.

Let’s see how Cue, an Australian fashion retailer, delivers a 1:1 customer experience in-store and online with Insider, a Forrester Wave Strong Performer for Cross-Channel Campaign Management.  

Cue, Australia’s top fashion manufacturer

Cue’s Chief Information & Digital Officer, Shane Lenton, (pictured above), and his team deliver hyper-personalised customer experiences fueled by Insider’s artificial intelligence-powered platform. 

Founded over 50 years ago, Cue has more than 240 stores in Australia, New Zealand, and nine websites. Insider is an integral part of the brand’s omnichannel marketing strategy, especially in personalisation.  

Cue uses artificial intelligence in physical stores to provide the same level of personalisation that Insider offers online. 

Using Insider’s cross-channel marketing platform and AI-guided recommendations, Cue can deliver the right information to the right shopper at the right time and channel. 

With Insider’s orchestration and automation capabilities, the Cue team spends less time doing things manually. With Architect, Insider’s journey orchestration tool, retailers and brands across industries can customise their content, recommendations, and offers to each customer as they move through the customer journey. 

In addition to bringing outstanding in-store customer experience online, Cue has gained invaluable real-time insight into where they can improve and break new ground in omnichannel marketing — but Cue is not the exception. 

Increasingly, retailers realise the power of connected online and offline experiences. Many people will look for products in stores and buy right there. Other consumers will buy online and browse in stores. Some people will never set foot in a store. To survive in today’s “phygital” world, brands need to evolve and meet customer expectations.

Aside from that, having deep customer insights and the ability to communicate one-to-one enables marketers to be more proactive. With a platform like Insider, they can monitor vital metrics like customer lifetime value, average order value, and others to retain hard-won customers and keep them engaged and happy.  

Is omnichannel marketing right for your business?

Although omnichannel marketing is new for some brands, it’s already shown remarkable ROI. Several Australian retailers, including Cue, master it with Insider. For more information, book a personalised demo.

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