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Expert Interview – Alicia Mack – Virgin Mobile

Expert  interview


Name: Alicia Mack


Role: Virgin Mobile’s Head of Digital Experience






We ask Alicia a few  questions to quickly understand a few things about her and her exciting role.

What is the Critical Success Factor in your business

For Virgin Mobile’s Digital channel in the year ahead, success will mean achieving aggressive growth by focusing on brilliant execution, Digital distribution and some special tricks we’ll keep up our sleeves for now!

What is the most beneficial traffic and subscription driver to your site/s?

Is it Press/Media, Social Media, SEO PPC, Affiliate? We get a good mix, but Google (both SEO and SEM) drives the most traffic. Looking at orders attributed by media then Affiliates and Display deliver the volume, with Google a close 3rd. However, we’re using our Social Media channels more and more to engage a “cold” audience and to drive additional traffic.

What are your biggest eCommerce challenges?

For me, it’s actually the “after sale” piece. Credit checking process, transparent and accurate delivery information – these are the areas we’re working to perfect.

What do you predict for the future of your business and eCommerce?

eCommerce will continue to contribute significant growth to the Virgin Mobile business – it’s a critical element to our strategy this year and for the coming years. Digital is at the heart of everything we do.

What was your best day in eCommerce, what did you sell and how did you drive those sales?

My best sales day was late in 2014. It was the launch of the iPhone 6. We drove the sales by:
– Capturing pre-registrations so we had a cohort of customers and prospects we could communicate to about the launch

– We took pre-orders online so people could secure themselves a handset

– We coupled a great product with a great offer that differentiated us from the competition

– We supplemented this with SEM and Affiliate listings to drive incremental demand.



Alicia Mack is the Senior Manager, Virgin Digital Experience. She will be speaking at the eCommerce Conference and Expo 11 – 12 March 2015

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