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Exclusive: Supre partners with The Iconic to launch swimwear

Fashion retailer Supre has launched on The Iconic with an exclusive swimwear capsule, which was revealed on the marketplace’s swimwear catwalk on Thursday.

The partnership came from an understanding that the brand’s key customer, girls aged 17 years old and up, increasingly use marketplaces to do their shopping.

“We know that our customers behaviours have changed,” Supre general manager Jodie Bongetti told IR.

“She’s telling us that she does want to buy product across different channels… Certainly the strategy [moving forward] is to move to third-party marketplaces, [and], in Australia, The Iconic was the natural choice.”

While Supre is available on parent-company Cotton On’s ‘mega-site’, a one-stop-shop that offers all seven of the group’s brands, this partnership is the first time Supre will be available through a third-party website.

Through metrics collected via the mega-site, Supre was able to identify the products most purchased cross-brand alongside Supre items, and found that its customers were increasingly adding beauty, accessories and swimwear to their Supre orders.

After launching a beauty offering in the past few months, and increasing its accessories business from 5 per cent to 15 per cent, swimwear was the next target.

“Probably the brand she shops most across with is [Cotton On] Body, and it’s with Body intimates and Body swim,” Bongetti said.

“We know for a fact that she’s looking for [swimwear]… so we thought, let’s test it.”

Moving forward, Bongetti posits that the brand will certainly look to sell products through other platforms, and that this will eventually form part of a broader online strategy.

“We thought this would be a great partnership, given that The Iconic had previously been focusing on the 25+ customer, and for us we know our girl is 17+, [which is an audience] they really want to start to delve into,” Bongetti said.

“It just made sense for our brand within the group [to] partner with them. It’s just a great win-win.”

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