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Etsy Studio takes aim at Lincraft, Spotlight

Etsy will this year launch Etsy Studio, a new marketplace dedicated to craft supplies.

The move is a natural fit for Etsy, which is primarily geared to sellers of handmade items.

It’s also a bold one, pitting the online business against established players, including Lincraft and Spotlight in the Australian market.

But Etsy thinks its new marketplace will offer something the competition sorely lacks: joy.

“For a category that’s meant to bring people so much happiness and connection, we think we can do a lot better,” the company said in a blog post about the upcoming launch of Etsy Studio.

“It’s built on our belief that the spark of creativity and the desire to make exists in all of us; it just needs the right push. With 11 years of experience leveraging tech innovation to connect creative entrepreneurs with customers, we think we’re uniquely qualified to make that push.”

In addition to the craft supply marketplace, Etsy is rolling out several new tools for sellers, including Shop Manager, a centralised hub for sellers to manage their business across all of Etsy’s sales channels, a dashboard showing pending orders, stats and finances, and inventory management.

The company has also announced plans to improve the shopping experience on Etsy, through better search and filter functions and multi-shop checkout.

This will allow buyers to add items from multiple shops to their cart and complete the purchase in a single transaction. In the coming months, customers also will be able to check out as a guest.

Etsy says these changes as well as the idea for Etsy Studio came out of conversations with its buyers and sellers.

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