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EnergyFlex’s app helping households and businesses embrace renewable energy

EnergyFlex, an Australian veteran-owned energy analytics and renewables education company, has unveiled its energy management app designed to help households and businesses save on energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and benefit from the renewable energy transition.

Powered by Consumer Data Right (CDR)-protected smart meter data, EnergyFlex offers a first-of-its-kind solution in Australia that is free to use and provides a clear measure of a business or household’s renewable energy use by an ‘out-of-five’ rating system, with a higher rating reflecting greater use of renewable energy.

Co-founded by former Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) veterans Garry Harding and Craig Phasey, EnergyFlex has been several years in development, including six months of real-world testing.

“EnergyFlex enables anyone to transform their energy usage into an asset, rather than a liability, by changing the timing of their energy use,” Harding said. “We bring these capabilities to any size or style of consumer – for free – helping them think differently about sustainability and futureproof their operations in an evolving energy market, and become renewables ready.”

Beefy’s, a bakery on the Sunshine Coast, was invited to test the app and, in so doing, achieved an 18 per cent reduction in annual energy bills for the business, a 40 per cent reduction in demand charges, and emissions reductions of 23 tonnes. The bakery also managed to increase its EnergyFlex Rating to 3.3, from 3.1, indicating an increased use of renewable energy.

“I have invested in EnergyFlex because it’s one of the most logical approaches to climate change that I have seen,” the lead investor in EnergyFlex Glenn Keys AO, Founder and Executive Chair of health services provider Aspen Medical, said. “The concept of aligning energy use to the inevitable changes that will come from the transition to renewables – and then creating a rating that measures that alignment – is not only smart but inspired. EnergyFlex makes it possible for everyday consumers to take climate action at a personal level, rather than wait for others to address it.”

EnergyFlex has recently entered into a referral agreement with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) to empower CBA’s small business customers to embrace the renewable energy transition, improve their business resilience and viability. The app is now available on CBA’s Sustainability Action Tool (SAT), providing CBA customers an opportunity to further help them in their sustainability journeys, understand their carbon footprint, and invest in sustainable options for their businesses, for free.

This story was originally published on Inside Small Business.

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