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Ecosa expands into luxury bedding market

Australian mattress firm Ecosa is expanding further into the luxury home goods market with a full line of bamboo bedding and accessories.

The company, best known for its line of memory foam bed-in-a-box products, launched in 2015 and has risen to become one of Australia’s premier mattress businesses. In a short span, they’ve expanded into New Zealand and other overseas markets, with an eye toward even more growth in the near future. Now, in recognition of the growing worldwide popularity of bamboo as an alternate material for bedding products, they’re taking the plunge into a whole new complementary market.

The Ecosa bamboo family of products includes everything needed to outfit a bed in luxurious, breathable comfort. Their sheet sets, pillowcases, and quilt covers are also all made from organic bamboo, which means they’re fully hypoallergenic and have natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties as well.

The upside to bamboo bedding doesn’t end there, however. In warmer climates, bamboo bedding has been lauded for its superior wicking ability which draws moisture away from the sleeper up to three times faster than cotton or any other comparable natural material. It also won’t stick to a sleeper’s skin no matter how high the mercury climbs and does an excellent job of regulating temperature in all seasons. Best of all, those

benefits won’t come at the cost or comfort, either. That’s because bamboo makes for an ultra-soft fabric that can even give the finest Egyptian cotton a run for its money.

In addition, the whole product line is manufactured in an environmentally-friendly way, which is in line with Ecosa’s ethos of offering nothing but sustainable products that began with their very first mattress design. As a material, bamboo is well-suited to sustainable farming techniques, because of its high planting turnover rate. Each bamboo shoot takes a mere 60 days to reach maturity, meaning that higher volumes of production don’t require larger land expanses or greater resource commitments. For that reason, Ecosa is able to source bamboo for its products that don’t come with a high environmental cost to the source nation, which is a key corporate goal also shared by modern consumers.

The company hopes that their new luxury bamboo bedding will make a perfect addition to their existing line of mattress products, beginning their transformation into a one-stop shop for high-end sleep-related goods. In a global mattress market that’s expected to reach $43 billion USD in value by 2024, it’s exactly the kind of value-added product that could make all the difference in a red-hot market with plenty of competition to go around.

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