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eBay lets retailers ‘sync’ inventory, orders with e-commerce platform

Australian retailers selling online through the international e-commerce service WooCommerce now have the ability to sync their inventory, orders and shipments with their eBay storefront, thanks to a new automated integration called eBay Sync.

The integration allows retailers to list their existing WooCommerce products on eBay and automatically update all orders and inventory changes from eBay back to WooCommerce.

Retailers can view their orders, including product and shipping details, and add shipping details and order tracking information directly in WooCommerce without having to duplicate their administrative tasks.

Previously, retailers either had to manually connect their e-commerce platform to eBay or use a third-party solution, such as Codisto.

Over 1200 merchants on eBay Australia use WooCommerce. It’s the second-most used e-commerce  platform in Australia for the top 10,000 sites and the most used platform for the top 100,000 sites.

eBay’s senior director of retailer growth, Tim MacKinnon, said the integration will help a large number of retailers grow their business and reach more online shoppers.

“eBay Sync to Woo Commerce makes it easy for tens of thousands of Aussie retailers to offer their product on eBay and reach 11 million new Australian shoppers every month, and 162 million buyers around the world,” he said.

Commenting on the integration, Mechiel Couvaras, head of business development for WooCommerce, said: “We love things that make it easier for WooCommerce merchants to grow their businesses, and eBay Sync does just that – enabling Australian merchants to extend their reach to a thriving marketplace without duplicating efforts.”

When asked whether it planned to extend eBay Sync to other e-commerce platforms, the online marketplace giant said it was currently exploring other platforms, but has not yet determined a roadmap for 2017.

Retailers on popular selling platforms Big Commerce, Shopify and Magento can use eBay LINK or Codisto to integrate their inventory and orders with eBay.

Editor’s note: This post was updated on 13 December at 16:10 with additional details from eBay. 

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