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EBay launches new app to help sellers’ image listings stand out

Online marketplace eBay has launched a new mobile application to help sellers’ images stand.

The new computer vision-powered feature ,Image Clean-up, available on iOS and Android, is a tool that automatically removes the background of photos and places the item being sold on a white background.

This optimises listings for SEO across the web and search engines and improves the shopping experience for buyers by making search look and feel more streamlined.

The computer vision algorithm processes the photo completely, using the processor on the user’s mobile phone to separate the foreground from the background clutter. Doing so enables users to change the background to a uniform white for a consistent look and feel. 

To utilise the feature, sellers upload their image through the app and eBay removes the background automatically. Users can also manually touch up any areas that were missed, or choose to use the photo as is.  

According to eBay, the idea for Image Clean-up was conceived during Hack Week, an annual company-wide competition challenging eBay technologists to innovate and reimagine the e-commerce experience.

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