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Does your website suck!

Are visitors completing their tasks on your website?4Q community

The 4Q Website Survey is a collaboration between iPerceptions and noted web analytics author and blogger Avinash Kaushik. It is a free website survey solution that allows you to find out why visitors are at your website, and whether or not they are completing their tasks (and if they aren’t, what’s getting in the way?).

The 4Q website survey provides answers to the following 4 essential questions:

    • What are my visitors at my website to do?
    • Are they completing what they set out to do?
If not, why not?
    • How satisfied are my visitors?

Thousands of companies are already gaining tremendous insight into the customer experience on their website. You too can measure purpose of visit and task completion (and of course, satisfaction).

And best of all…the 4Q website survey is completely free!

Click here to see a sample 4Q website survey in action!

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