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Deliver delightful shopping experiences in the moments that matter

In today’s crowded e-commerce environment, capturing the customer’s attention is more important than ever. Retailers need to meet their customers where they are – at the right place and within the right timeframe.

Reshma Iyer, director of product marketing at Algolia, discusses the critical role discoverability and relevant, personalised content plays in cutting through the noise to rise above the competition and grab customers’ attention. 

What are some of the best practices retailers use to increase conversions? 

Retailers have had to get creative about positioning themselves attractively with their customers without becoming annoying. They’re now fighting for fleeting attention in an environment of ever-increasing competition. Retailers have developed more sophisticated awareness and top-of-funnel activations like search engine marketing, email marketing and others for some time now. If a purchase is a conversion, best practices starting to recur with large retailers are based on personalisation, merchandising, ease of checkout and post-purchase upsells. 

What are some less common strategies that help boost conversions? 

The evolution curve for retailers has been somewhat forced – from digitisation in stores to taking a digital-first approach. More recently, during the pandemic, retailers have had to cater to a “phygital” approach – that is, seamlessly marrying the online and in-store customer experience. The additional layer to this is mobile device-led shopping. While this phenomenon has existed for some time now, it has taken on increased significance. Today, unless the business leads with a mobile-first approach, experiences optimised for mobile will remain an afterthought. For most retailers, this can translate into a critical gap that the competition can exploit to the retailer’s detriment. 

How important are website design, personalization, descriptive product content, payment options and checkout flow to conversion rates? 

All these elements are undoubtedly interconnected and are essential. Website design, personalisation, descriptive product content, payment options and checkout flow play a significant role in enriching the overall shopping experience and, more importantly, influencing the buyer’s purchase decision. But content experiences and discoverability rank higher than any on the list. This is because content experience and discoverability catalyse the entire purchase process. Consider a broken or sub-optimal content and discoverability experience, and then ask yourself if it would lead you to hit the buy button. What if you didn’t find the right product or, even worse, didn’t find what you were seeking?

How can retailers overcome these content and discoverability challenges to improve conversions? 

They should consider partnering with a third-party platform provider, such as Algolia, that specialises in site search and discovery solutions. Our goal at Algolia is to “put content in motion.” We are in the business of creating ‘ah-ha moments’ time and time again because our sophisticated search and discovery solutions understand and predict your customer’s true intent. As a result, we can consistently deliver the most delightful experience to your customers in the moments that matter across all major touch points. This is how we define conversion and thousands of merchants worldwide use Algolia to experience game-changing conversion rates. 

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