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Deals Direct Group Appoints New Chairman


DealsDirect Group (“DDG”) Australia’s #1 online Department Store, today announces the appointment of Naseema Sparks as Chairperson. Naseema, one of Australia’s pre-eminent brand and retail marketing experts.

She has been a Non-Executive Director for DDG since March 2012. She is an experienced Director with a number of commercial and not for profit Boards in her portfolio. Paul Greenberg, current Executive Chairman and co-founder, will revert to Non-Executive Director, allowing him to continue his work as the “grandfather of online retail”. Paul has initiated and led the development of the National Online Retailers Association (“NORA”) and will become its inaugural Chair and CEO.


DDG recently appointed Michael McRitchie, former Managing Director of Centrebet, to the role of CEO. Michael has hit the ground running with considerable energy as DDG positions itself as the leading Australian online Department Store.


“I am very excited about the new leadership in the DealsDirect business” said Paul. “Australian retail is going through an exciting but challenging renaissance, and fresh legs, vision and perspective are crucial for DDG to ensure we adapt to changing times. A new and talented CEO and Chairperson combination is timely and will ensure our ongoing success”


Paul will also continue as an Ambassador for the NBN, encouraging government investment in technology, and will remain a public face for DDG as it maintains its high profile as an emerging online pure-play retailer.


“When Paul and the board offered me the chair role, I jumped at the chance to play an increasing role in the business. Michael McRitchie is a talented and capable CEO who is as enthused about the opportunities in the space as I am. I look forward to working with Michael and his leadership team as well as with the DDG board on our next chapter of growth” said Naseema.


In his new role at NORA, Paul will add an experienced voice in support of rapidly emerging Australian online retail innovation, with both pure-play and traditional retailers investing heavily in the shift to online.


“Retail is the largest employer in Australia, and we dare not recede against facing the challenge of international consumer-direct retailers shipping across borders. But the answer is not just about focusing on the GST issue, rather we should focus on how Australian retailers can meet, indeed exceed, the offer from international retailers. We have advantages, we need to leverage them” said Paul.



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