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Customers say perfect online buying experience doesn’t exist

There is a significant gap between the customer experience businesses believe they deliver online and the experience shoppers actually report having.

That is according to a new survey of 5,000 adults from Australia, the US, the UK, France and Germany conducted by telecommunications company, Mitel.

Less than half of the global respondents believe the technology needed to deliver the perfect online buying experience is currently available.

Mitel noted this contradicts the findings from a previous survey it conducted, in which 90 per cent of IT decision-makers reported progress in improving customer experience through the use of technology.

Sixty per cent of Australian respondents said more work is needed by companies to improve their online experience.

This is significant, since 42 per cent of respondents said they want to shop online even more, and less than 10 per cent said they don’t like shopping online at all.

And while Australians still do most of their shopping (60 per cent) in bricks-and-mortar stores, more than 70 per cent of respondents noted that e-commerce is more convenient than shopping in-store.

When it comes to a great online customer experience, quick and easy is the name of the game. Nearly half of Australian respondents (49 per cent) said simplicity and speed are the most important factors in a good customer service experience, slightly higher than the global average of 45 per cent.

According to Mitel, chatbots and other new technologies fuelled by artificial intelligence [AI] and machine learning can improve the customer experience.

Over 78 per cent of Australian respondents said they are happy to deal with automated processes and half said it would be a good thing, if they could shop without speaking to a person.

“By supplementing existing applications and investments with new technologies such as AI, team collaboration and [the Internet of Things], companies can better communicate and collaborate internally and externally and begin to proactively deliver the level of customer experience buyers expect,” Jon Brinton, Mitel’s senior vice president of customer experience solutions, said.

“As physical and digital worlds begin to seamlessly intersect, how effectively a company serves its customers across both domains determines tomorrow’s winners and losers.”

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