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Cross-border sales are soaring for Australian online merchants

Australian online retailers are making the most of opportunities to sell to customers abroad with about 92 million international shoppers purchasing from Aussie merchants via Shopify alone during the year to March.

Shopify says international spending with merchants in the Asia-Pacific region grew by 67.9 per cent this year while on average, Australian merchants sell to 10 international markets with the US, UK and New Zealand being the top destinations. 

“The boom of online shopping during the pandemic has meant more Australian merchants are now selling to more countries and international consumers than ever before,” said Shaun Broughton, MD Apac at Shopify.

Research Ocean predicts that global cross-border sales will grow from $765 billion in 2021 to $6.2 trillion by 2030. That, says Broughton, demonstrates the clear opportunities for merchants to accelerate growth through international commerce.

Meanwhile, Shopify has introduced a new Translate & Adapt app to help merchants grow offshore sales by “localising” online storefronts to better reflect nuances in dialects and language content in 150 countries.

The company says merchants can see a 13 per cent increase in sales when translating content to better suit local buyers. The app works with Shopify Markets and translates content on e-store fronts with both manual and machine translations.

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