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The Facebook Insight Series – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our Facebook Insight Series from Stu Stevens, a former Yahoo! exec and now MD of Sydney based Digital Marketing Agency – Remap Online

Remap’s an official Facebook Marketing Partner who can glean insights directly from Facebook’s Senior team in the US to help Aussie businesses thrive post-pandemic.

If you missed Part 1 – you can catch up on it here. We explored why Data now Comes with a Health Warning. 

This week, Insight #2 will show you why great mobile creative is absolutely paramount for any Internet Retail business to have. 

We’re not overstating it, and we can’t stress this enough. Creativity on mobile is just so important for your brand to succeed. Facebook’s own Global Creative Director – Andrew Keller, illustrated this very clearly by outlining 4 main points (below).

Before we explore those four points, it’s important to note that creative is the most overlooked aspect of digital advertising in Australia today. Especially by SME’s.

It’s seen by many businesses as a “nice to have” rather than a “must-have”. 

Technology and all of the “tactics” you can employ to win in social media marketing tends to take centre stage in so many discussions – but on mobile, there would be very few mistakes that you could make that are bigger than this. 

Mobile creative is just so important, and it’s nothing like TV. 

Cinematography, graphic design, art direction, photography and copywriting all still play a leading role, but on mobile things are personal, and portable.

On mobile nothing is passive. Ever. Scrolling by is always an option. An entire world of content is only ever a few taps away. This makes it hyper-competitive, and the small screen leaves no room for error. 

But mobile is the dominant screen of our time, and this is especially true here in Australia.

As a population, we spend more time glued to the small portable one in our hand than we do to the larger one in our living room. 

TV became the #1 screen over many decades, so brands had time to learn how to harness it. Mobile, however, has catapulted its way there far more quickly, and this is one of the fundamental reasons that creativity so often gets overlooked. 

Because it’s challenging to learn and almost impossible to master, it’s easy to wave it away because no one has the time. 

But it’s far too important to let it slip. 

Storytelling is (and always has been) the most potent advertising format ever used. 

Telling stories on mobile, however, is a new challenge altogether.

Here are the four main points that Facebook’s Global Creative Director – Andrew Keller – uses to illustrate why mobile creative is just so important in the age of mobile. 

  1. Content consumption on mobile is non-linear.
  2. Facebook and especially Instagram, are visual first.
  3. Mobile consumption is not TV consumption
  4. Different mindsets mean different perceptions 

Learn More about these four points and why creativity on mobile is just so important. 

Or Read The Full Report from Facebook on Why Creativity Matters More in the Age of Mobile. 

The insights in this article were supplied by Stu Stevens, Managing Director of Sydney based Digital Marketing Agency – Remap Online – an Official Facebook Marketing Partner.

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