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Connected Devices Have Positive Impact

fuzzyIt was cited as the death knell of the TV broadcast industry, but instead, has proven to be its saving grace.

Australian broadcasters have embraced the challenge posed by online video, and instead of the iPhone and iPad killing TV viewing figures, the increasing availability of connected devices has had a positive impact on viewing figures across the board.


In the most recent Australian Multiscreen Report by OzTam, it has been revealed that Australians are spending more time watching conventional TV than they did a year ago, but are also using Internet-connected devices to complement their viewing of TV and other video.

Teens are the heaviest viewers of video on mobile phones reportedly spending 8:48 hours per month doing so in Q4 2013.
18-24s watch the most video on tablets, claiming an average of 3:30 hours per month, considerably higher than the reported 1:47 hours for Australians across the entire report.
18-24s also watch the most video on a PC/laptop: 12:23 hours per month compared to 5:52 across the wider population. On average, 18-24s spent 43:24 hours per month watching TV in the home during Q4 2013.
Traditional broadcast TV isn’t dead. It’s simply evolving, and broadcasters are leveraging online video to enhance the viewing experience, investing in playback services such as catch-up apps that work seamlessly across all devices.

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