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Coles adds a fully electric van to its online delivery fleet

Coles has deployed its first fully electric van – to its online delivery fleet in Flagstone, Queensland.

Dubbed ‘Sparky’ by Coles team members, the van aims to complete up to 240 orders a week and save up to $170 on fuel each week.

Coles’ GM of online network & growth, James Geddes, said the new EV delivery van will support Coles in achieving its target of reducing scope 1 & 2 emissions by more than 75 per cent by 2030.

“We are proud to introduce our first fully electric vehicle to our fleet of Coles Online delivery vans. Making around 40 deliveries to customers daily, the EV is a quieter, more efficient vehicle that produces fewer emissions than a petrol-powered vehicle.”

Geddes added the retailer is in a “unique position” to introduce sustainable delivery options since it makes up to 20,000 Coles Online deliveries every day per week.

The initiative is run in partnership with fleet management company Custom Fleet which has more than 100,000 vehicles under its wing.

Chris Tulloch, CEO of Custom Fleet, said the company is happy to partner with Coles on this initiative, adding: “These vans have zero tailpipe emissions and offer a reduction in noise pollution. They also need less maintenance and are more comfortable to drive due to less vibrations.”

Alongside these measures, Coles has also partnered with Linfox on a trial to use an electric-powered truck and Toll Group and Nexport to trial the first electric yard tractor for its supply chain.

The retailer has pledged to install electric fridges in 500 delivery vans following a successful trial earlier this year.

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