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Chemist Warehouse launches online health scanning service

Chemist Warehouse has introduced a digital health and wellbeing scanner, which enables users to measure physiological indications using their smart phone cameras.

The Chemist Warehouse health and wellbeing scanner, founded and developed by exercise physiologist Nicholas Harris, who is CEO and founder of HPE (Human Performance Engineering), allows camera sensors, including a smartphone camera, to remotely measure physiological signs using proprietary AI and generate predictive insight. The app can measure heart rate, respiration, Sp02, and HRV.

Featuring the HPE technology, Chemist Warehouse says the device analyses the light absorption of the blood flowing beneath clients’ skin using a camera. The data is then interpreted by artificial intelligence to measure the user’s physiological signals in real-time. It is non-contact, fast, and efficient.

The Chemist Warehouse health and wellbeing scanner will be displayed at the Chemist Warehouse AO precinct store at the 2023 Australian Open. Customers can visit the space to try the new technology or access the Chemist Warehouse website

Last June, Chemist Warehouse debuted its store-within-a-store luxurious beauty concept Ultra Beauty, signalling a much greater focus on the beauty sector and potentially a more competitive environment for both businesses in the future.

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