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Bronto launches new apps to target ‘almost’ buyers

Commerce marketing platform, Bronto Software, has launched two new apps: browse recovery and predictor.

Marketers can now pull their entire catalogue of product data into the Bronto marketing platform and automatically access it when building targeted email and SMS messages.

The new apps track shoppers’ online activity and translate the data into intelligent segmentation and product recommendations to enhance the way online businesses connect with customers and effectively set them on path to purchase.

“Both apps demonstrate Bronto’s pioneering expertise and strong commitment to helping commerce marketers further engage customers,” said Shannon Ingrey, GM at Bronto Software Australia.

“Engaged commerce has evolved beyond paid search and now focuses on the shoppers who almost buy. Bronto’s browse recovery and predictor apps create new opportunities for marketers to catch these ‘almost’ purchasers.”

Bronto’s browse recovery app captures the activity of shoppers checking out an e-commerce site and sends automated, relevant messages based on rules, such as recently viewed products, frequently viewed categories or frequently viewed products.

Predictor allows commerce marketers to send targeted product recommendations to specific segments of subscribers using product data stored in the Bronto marketing platform.

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