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BoozeBud launches same-day delivery service

Marking the first day of summer, online alcohol marketplace BoozeBud has announced the launch of its same-day delivery service across greater Sydney.

The service costs $6.99 and is available every day except Sunday. To celebrate the launch, BoozeBud has teamed up with Corona to offer free same-day delivery for every order that contains Corona this summer.

“Our current same-day offering in Sydney has been designed to test the level of demand for it. Once we prove that the demand is as high as we expect it to be, we’ll be very quickly available on Sundays and rolling out our same day service across the country,” BoozeBud’s co-founder Andy Williamson said.

The same-day delivery option is available for all 1500 products stocked on BoozeBud. Customers can opt for their order to arrive either in the afternoon between 1-5pm, or in the evening from 6-10pm. Orders must be placed by noon and 3pm respectively.

“The two delivery timeframes give our customers the flexibility they need to receive delivery of their drinks at a time that suits them,” Williamson said.

Consumer demand for more delivery options is putting pressure on retailers to improve back-end systems, with automated processes now a necessity to speed up the pick, pack and ship steps for same-day delivery.

“We have had to invest further [in our technology platform] to power same-day deliveries, but the service predominantly leverages our existing systems which were always designed to work in real-time and scale very rapidly,” Williamson said.

But the co-founder describes the launch as an extension of BoozeBud’s broader technology proposition.

“As a technology company, we can innovate very quickly and do things that bottle shops simply can’t do. Faster delivery is just one aspect of this, with personalised shopping and better ways for producers to showcase their brands and connect with customers in the pipeline as well,” he said.


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