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First international logistics company gets trusted trader certificate

Bolloré Logistics Australia has become the first international transport and logistics company in the country to be accredited as an Australian Trusted Trader.

As part of the Australian Economic Operator programme developed by the Australian Border Force, the certification gives recipients access to special benefits.

These include reduced cargo inspections at the border, improved cargo lead time, duty deferral, streamlined reporting and priority trade services. They will be introduced in the 2017/18 financial year.

As a Trusted Trader, Bolloré Logistics Australia will also benefit from mutual recognition agreements with the Australian Government to reduce the customs regulatory burden for Australian exporters selling in foreign markets.

As the programme develops, further benefits will be made available, including enhanced cross-agency collaboration with other border agencies, labour mobility and trade in services or even secure trade lanes.

“Being certified an Australian Trusted Trader further supports and facilitates the handling of clients’ international supply and expedites the flow of legitimate trade from all sites in Australia,” said Michael Pinnock, national customs manager at Bolloré Logistics Australia.

The certification applies to the five sites Bolloré Logistics operates in Australia in Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

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