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Australians don’t care where they buy from ‘as long as it works’

Customers demand better quality digital experiences as loyalty is set to take a backseat this year according to new global research by FullStory.

The study which incorporates data from over 7000 consumers across Asia Pacific, Germany, the UK, the US and The Netherlands found a major shift in global consumer browsing patterns.

About 48 per cent of Australian consumers “don’t care” where they buy from “as long as it works” while 46 per cent in Indonesia and 40 per cent in the US echo the same sentiment.

During the pandemic, the demand for “frictionless” digital experiences rose rapidly as 82 per cent said they would want to “quickly accomplish” what they set out to do – making it the top priority for Australians this year.

The research has also highlighted that 42 per cent of marketers now believe that customer loyalty will “drop” this year because of changing consumer expectations and cost of living concerns.

Monica Acree, FullStory’s VP of Apac sales, said in the current climate, people are on the hunt for simple, functional experiences that just work. 

 “With economic uncertainty ahead, it’s essential for brands to provide high-quality and value-driven digital interactions that make it easy for customers to complete their tasks.”

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