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Startup takes on AusPost with lower price services

Australian parcel delivery and logistics startup Sendle is taking on postal operator Australia Post by offering guaranteed lower price services for national parcel sending for small businesses.

The offer, which was implemented last month, guarantees shipping 500g to 25kg parcels around the country for up to 70 per cent cheaper rates compared to the rates offered by Australia Post’s parcel post service.

The price guarantee covers all 500g, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg and 25kg parcels sent within the courier service’s same-city and national parcel network.

James Chin Moody, founder and chief executive of Sendle, said all SMEs will save 15 per cent on average with this offer.

According to Moody, the reason why Sendle is able to offer such low prices to businesses is because the company leverages established Australian courier networks by unlocking excess capacity in big business courier networks and making it available for small businesses to deliver parcels anywhere in Australia and around the world.

“Sendle is the only courier service 100 per cent built for the needs of the small business sector – our laser focus allows us to strip away things that small businesses don’t need, and concentrate on the things they do,” Moody told Internet Retailing. “This enables us to deliver both a consistently lower price than Parcel Post, but also, we believe, a higher quality service.” 

Moody said Sendle’s customer base has grown 20 per cent month-on-month in the last 18 months and has facilitated over $100 million worth of SME e-commerce. 

“And we recently exceeded 1 billion kilometres of carbon neutral delivery,” he added.

Moody said by dedicating their business to helping the smaller end of town has enabled them to tackle Australia Post’s monopoly head-on, offering more affordable delivery prices and, according to him, a higher quality service for those who need it most.

Moody said they will roll out an international delivery service nationwide this year, and added that they have “a few exciting developments in the pipeline.”

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