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Australian consumers unaware of how their personal data is used

Three in four Australian consumers are unaware of how companies use their personal data, according to research from customer engagement platform Twilio.

The research spanning 1500 consumers in Asia Pacific countries including Australia found that 78 per cent of shoppers do not have full knowledge of how organisations use personal information while 73 per cent have limited or no control over it.

About 70 per cent of those surveyed said they’d be more willing to share their personal information if they trust the brand or company while 65 per cent of respondents want clear and comprehensible information about data usage.

Nicholas Kontopoulos, VP of marketing for Asia Pacific & Japan, Twilio, said Australian consumers are “feeling a strong lack of control and awareness” around how their data is used.

“When consumer trust is earned through positive experiences, consumers are more willing to share personal data – even in the wake of a breach. So clearly brand trust will play a pivotal role in forging the pathway to a healthy and sustainable data-sharing ecosystem in the post-cookie era.”

To avoid the risk of losing consumer trust, about 89 per cent agree that websites must inform the use of cookies and provide the option to opt out. Likewise, 63 per cent believe consumers should avoid websites that collect cookies altogether.

Consumers also say they trust brands through positive experiences (about 58 per cent) rather than online reviews or word of mouth.

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